About Us
Founded in 2007,Website:http://www.supermanrobot.com, Hangzhou Superman Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a unique company specializing in robot lawn mower research, development and manufacture. Superman is the earliest and one of the most professional robotic mower manufacturer with the most reliable technology in China. In 2009, it was rated as Municipal Hi-tech Enterprise in Hangzhou. Superman attaches great importance to scientific innovation, has succeeded in possessing 9 invention & utility patents and applying for another 2 more scientific patents. Series products of the robot lawn mower have been successfully put into market. They have been now widely used in many countries of North-West EU. It becomes the top company in its field for the mower?s high quality, nice appearance, safety guarantee, reasonable price and quality after sale service. Through?9 years hard works, Superman has successfully expanded its penetration into the international markets including Europe and America. A sales network has already been formed. The perfect combination of the business model and scientific innovation has helped Superman to gain more shares in the market and is becoming a true strong icon in the field.
Products and services
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